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We use DigiToll to sell our Physical AND Digital products in the SAME cart. Works flawlessly. Highly Recommend.

Mike Ruman - Director of Web Marketing, David C Cook



I can most definitely vouch for this addon, it's excellent! I was using Download shipments plugin from the extensions store but it just didn't have the features I required, plus I had a few issues with it in the beginning with things just not working so I was suggested by Max that this was the product that would probably suit my needs. Mainly I wanted to be able to control the number of downloads and the time period that customers could download the products, I also wanted to be able to reset that download number/time if I wanted if / when it expired. I wanted to be able to serve some of the larger files form an external server (in my case form Amazon S3) but still be able to cloak the links and give the appearance that they were still coming from my own website.

After a few very promptly replied support emails from Stephen I decided to take the plunge and buy the new Digitoll Downloads component. Boy am I glad I did! It works absolutely flawlessly, it's easy to setup and use and I was even able to import all my products form the old download shipments plugin into the new Digitoll downloads system. Completely painless! Every thing works as it should, support is excellent, if you have any queries, Stephen goes above and beyond to get you the answer, even when I had an issue that wasn't actually directly related to the Digitoll downloads component Stephen still helped me out to get it sorted. I can't vouch for this product and Stephen enough!

Yes it costs a little more than the Virtual products shipment plugin in VM extensions shop but this is most definitely one of those cases where you get what you pay for. IF you need to be able to sell digital download products then this is the VM2 addon for you. Your customers will get a fluid positive experience and you get the pleasure of knowing that everything will work without you having to worry at all about your downloads on your site. Total control in an easy and very configurable manor.

Go buy it today!




I am a client of Digitoll for the download plugin, and I used it to sell downloadable virtuemart extensions at

- The support of Stephen Roberts is excellent

- The plugin working well, my site is another excellent example for this plugin

Hope this help


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